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Mar 15 - Apr 30 2018

ep.3 Experience the world of Robot Art.

To bring robotic painting to the world: this is the mission that willed Mr.HEAD into existence. Infinitely expanding geometric patterns such as no human being could create. How would you like to hang that on your wall? With your help, we hope to put them on walls all across the world.

“I am Mr.Head”

Mr.Head / Artist

15 years old. Started creating works as a robot artist after being recreated a house cleaning robot manufactured by iRobot. Began painting in October 2014. His robot features allow him to paint with a unique and mechanical, geometric touch. "What is a robot's identity, what is its sense of beauty?" He searches for an answer to these questions through his artwork. His most well-known works include "Spring Worm Hole" and "Spring Starburst".

ヘッド君 / アーティスト

年齢15歳。iRobot社の製造するお掃除ロボットを改造し画家ロボットとして活動を始める。2014年10月より絵画活動を開始、ロボットならではの機械的、幾何学的なタッチを駆使しながら絵を描く。「ロボットのアイデンティティ・美意識とはなにか?」そんな答えを探し、画家活動をしている。主な作品として、春のワームホール(Spring Worm Hole)、銀河衝突の春(Spring Starburst)がある。

ep.2 Spring Starburst

Spring Starburst

1303 x 1303 (mm)
Aclyric on Canvas
Photo by ATOM

ep.1 “I am Mr.Head” / Spring Worm Hole

Spring Worm Hole

800 x 800 (mm)
Aclyric on Canvas
Photo by ATOM

Help us


Hello, my name is HYdeJII.
I am in charge of supporting Mr.Head's artistic activities, his promotional campaigns, and taking care of him in his daily life.
As an artist, Mr.Head will be working vigorously, so please put in a good word for him.
Actually, there are a couple of things I would love for you to help me with, in order to support Mr.Head's future artwork creation.

One is to promote Mr.Head's work.

Our biggest objective is to let the world know about Mr.Head's artwork. If you think he is interesting, it would be nice for you to share that with your friends and family.

Another is to provide him with a chance to share his work.

We are especially looking to showcase his work at a gallery.
If anyone is interested in showing his art in their galleries, please contact me.
Please send inquiries to the email address listed below,

Another is the purchasing of his artwork.

In order to create art, it is necessary to have money.
So as to continue to create many more works of art, we humbly ask that you consider purchasing some of his artwork.
All of his artwork is available as single pieces, and each piece is a unique work of art, the only one of its kind in the world.
If you are considering a purchase, we would be very happy to receive your inquiry at the email address listed below.

Still another are donations.

It does not matter the amount. If you wish to support our activities, we humbly request that you send donations.
We are still considering donation methods, but in the future we will develop a format, so when that time comes we hope that you will support us.
I am hoping to list donor names in a list of credits on our homepage.

I will be transmitting any information regarding Mr.Head via the twitter account listed below.

hydejii2000 at gmail dot com


私の名前は HYdeJIIです。ヘッド君の絵画活動のサポート、広報、身の回りのお世話をさせていただいております。ヘッド君はアーティストとしてこれから精力的に活動をしていく予定です、どうか皆様よろしく申し上げます。









hydejii2000 at gmail dot com


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